March Sunday, 2011 at 10:48 pm

Glass on Glass or not?


A few of my customers have come through looking for some water pipes lately. Above all I almost always ask them what they want to use it for, and if they would like to have it be as smooth as it can be for one, and two whether or not they know the difference between having a glass on glass piece vs. the regular daily used Zong Water Pipe.



Well lets take a quick look at one of the most common differences between a piece that is glass on glass vs one that is not. Well first thing you will notice that the first piece titled “A” is utilizing a simple flared out bowl. It also utilizes a rubber gromit to seal the stem to the glass piece.



You will have to often replace that piece of rubber to maintain a perfectly sealed flow. Also, you will notice that the stem uses an O-Ring to stop the bowl/stem from going too far and maintain a seal on the bowl and the main stem. Well that can easily leak out smoke and air which in return it will more than likely cause an overall uneven flow of air.



Now look at the piece titled “B” and you will notice that it has a perfectly sealed glass on glass setup. It does not utilize any rubber and in return you will never have to replace those pieces of rubber. Not only that, it is much more versatile and if you are the type of person that likes change, well this is the definition of change when it comes to water pipes. You can change the bowl at anytime with another larger and unique looking bowl.



Also, if you have not noticed, we carry a large number of ash catchers and perculated ash catchers that will fit any glass on glass setups. The stems can be longer or shorter and you can always change the diameter of the stem itself to throw on it a higher flow bowl or a larger sized as catcher!



I guess if it comes down to it, it always depends on preference. Everyone knows what they want; however, advice is free and I always recommend taking it. If a piece of glass that is not glass on glass costs as much as one that is, well I recommend glass on glass any time of the week.

More replacement parts are available locally and the solutions to any broken pieces are literally available at any spot.  If you are in the market for a clean piece, well take advantage of our massive sale, we are the cheapest in town when it comes to glass, and we have some of the largest selections when it comes to Larger, Small or Mid-sized water pipes.



Take the time to add us on Facebook and come in to get a 10% discount as well with it! Now Oasis Smoke Shop’s new location is hot, and everyone loves what we have along with the fact that we are more than friendly. We are here to make sure that our customers get what they need based on their usage and not for profits.



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