April Tuesday, 2011 at 8:04 pm

It’s a Celebration! It’s 4/20, and we are having a Party!

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Well, it’s the celebration of the year for many and we want to take a part of it. With DJ Official hosting our small get together, you are welcome to come through and visit our new location and jam to some good music hosted by the infamous DJ Official. You must be at least 18 years of age. We will card you prior to walking into our shop. We will also be holding a buy one get one event along with a ton of things on sale. Must be responsible and can’t be intoxicated in any way shape or form.



We will also be having some $1 raffles for those who want to win that special Water Pipe or Hookah! So bring dollar bills with you and it is unlimited entries! Meaning you can buy as many as 20 raffles and your chances of winning a $200 water pipe or a unique Hookah for the fraction of the price!


We are also going to have some free give aways randomly, and DJ official will call out your name for that specific piece. Drinks and all will be available as well, so make sure you bring your ID as we will check it at the door! Now, understand that parking will be in the rear, front, sides and across the street! Don’t miss out on the giveaways and the raffles, they are worth their price in GOLD!




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