March Saturday, 2011 at 11:36 pm

Local Glass is so sweet! Hand blown Crafts!

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We promised, and our promises are always met. We now carry a fairly large selection of hand blown local pieces of glass pipes, water bubblers, bowls and many other pieces. You need to come and see the prices if you believe in our low price guarantee system. Aside from the fact that the quality is so good on these piece, no one in Albuquerque will ever match the prices on hand blown and crafted pieces.



Now if you are the type that is always dropping and breaking your pipes, then you need to carry one of these durable and literally unbreakable pieces. In other words, one of these pipes will last you a long time in comparison to regular line manufactured pieces.



Not only that, but the time behind each piece speaks of the quality and artistic minds put to create such magnificent pipes. With an average of at least two to three days worth of work per piece, we are proud to say that these pieces are seriously the nicest pieces that are priced so low that you more than likely paying more for  line pieces in comparison.



Come down, see the massive selection, and tell us what you think! We are local, and above all the number one local artist supporters when it comes to glass art and glass pipe creations. Spend some time listening to how many pieces of glass were used at some of the pieces we have. You will be amazed by the sheer number of work and glass put into each one of those pieces. The creator of these pieces is a an artist to heart, you will not stop looking, I promise!



We are located on the south side of Menaul a block west of Wyoming. You heard us on the Radio, you see us online, now come see us in person. See why 95% of our customers end up becoming repeat customers today. Oasis Smoke Shops, the finest smoke shop in Albuquerque and New Mexico.





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