New Flavors and New things!

Hey guys,

We are working on an all new menu for everyone to enjoy. If you have not been by lately, you might have missed out on some of our new items! We added the all new Candy Land hookah, that contains a special made fruit punch along with gummy bears in the base to give you a sweeter taste and a whole lot more smoke. We now also have ice in all of our bases as a standard feature without any extra cost.

Another item added to the menu is our fruity pebble base! Includes frozen berries and other fruits in the base to give you a stronger flavor that will blow your mind away! Come in today and check out New Mexico’s classiest hookah lounge! We are the only Hookah Lounge in the state of New Mexico where you can come and relax rather and smoke a hookah without the night club feel. We strive on superb customer satisfaction, and Albuquerque has lacked quality Hookah Lounges in the past 8 years or so. Come in, enjoy a Candy Land, do your homework, use our internet and above all relax and let loose!

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