Oasis Hooka Lounge is now open to the public! We promise the best service, highest quality shisha and the easiest going atmosphere in the city of Albuquerque. Many of you have visited the majority of the local Hookah Lounges. Aside from a few, it looks like an underage night club. Well, we decided to raise the bar, create something unique that puts aside the cliche business models the majority of these lounges follow.

Oasis Hooka Lounge is aiming to be the best in the city of Albuquerque. We want to amaze you with the outstanding design and wow you with our superb service. We use state of the art machines, top of the line shisha and on time techniques that you have never seen in a hookah lounge. We strive for the best, we aim for the quality you as a valued customer deserve without a doubt. Please visit our fist location on Meanul and Wyoming one block west of Wyoming on the North side of Menaul. You will not be disappointed with such a classy lounge built by guys who love hookah!

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