March Tuesday, 2011 at 5:12 am

Pipes, Fumed/Clear or Full Deep Color?


Hey guys,

Like always we are here to review some of the pieces available in the market and in our stores. Today we are going to take a quick look at the major differences between a full deep colored Glass Pipe vs a Fumed and Semi Clear Smoke Glass Pipes. Well I have broken it down for you and in all honesty you can always take my honest recommendation or not; that is always up to you.



Now usually glass pipes can come in several different sizes. Just about all sizes will come in either deep full color from the top to the bottom. Some will also come with less inside or outside color yet they are fumed. If you are not familiar with what I mean when I say fumed, then you should take a quick look at unit B that we have taken a photo of. That picture is a general idea of how fumed sometimes might look like. It will almost always have that bluish color to it in the clear areas of the pipe.



Now in Unit A you can clearly see that a ton of color has been placed into the piece. It is obvious that the first thing you will get with this piece is the fact that you will not see the smoke as it goes through from the bowl to the mouth piece. Well, in that situation not everyone is really worried about that. However, a piece with such a unique look to it and color can definitly be an addition to a unique collection of a smoker and will do exactly what you want it to do with the extra “flare” to the equation.



On the other hand, the second piece is a little less coloreful yet my personal opinion will always claim that fumed is the way to go. First fumed pipes will almost always change colors after a short period of time of usage. It is also much easier to clean a clear pipe than having to clean a pipe that you can’t even see where the buildup is sitting. Not only that but you can almost always see how much smoke is blowing through the actual pipe rather than having to wait and see whether your throat is burning or not.



So in the long run, yes deep fully colored pipes are an amazing piece to add to a collection of smoke glass pipes. However, fumed and semi clear pipes is the way to go if you are a change advocate type of person. So purchase either one from us and you will pay the same price and above all you can always get both at half of the prices you would pay anywhere else in Albuquerque.



So if you are looking for top of the quality glass at almost wholesale prices, then visit us at either one of our locations. If you want to see a larger verity and want to spend time looking at several different pieces from large, medium to small then visit us at the Menaul Store located in the map below. Now if you add us on Facebook and give us your name when you come in then you can get an additional 10% off on your next purchase that is over $25. Come see the nicest and best priced pieces at Oasis Smoke Shops in Albuquerque today!




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