October Monday, 2011 at 7:18 pm

Find us in your Local Magazines!

Store Ad

Hey guys,

We are now advertising in several new and local magazines! We highly recommend that you look for these ads as most of them offer some sort of a discount along with a Free Pipe! No catch, we are now one of the largest local smoke shops and we offer free pipes on the daily!

Not only are we one of the fastest growing local smoke shops, we are one of the few that contributes back to our local community! So come and support the only smoke shops that recognizes the importance of superb customer service, lowest possible prices along with the largest selection possible.

With daily new products on our shelf, you can’t go wrong with our daily deals. Check us out on Facebook as we offer daily freebies along with daily Facebook only deals. Come and check us out and make sure you mention Facebook for a 10% discount on your total purchases.

See you soon guys!