September Thursday, 2012 at 3:16 am

Quit Smoking Cigarettes TODAY!



Hey guys,

If you are tired of spending an average of $2000 a year on cigarettes while polluting your body with carcinogens. If you have not noticed, smoking cigarettes is one of the world’s leading deaths these days. Well, Oasis Smoke Shops is one of the leading shops in the industry when it comes to vaping. We carry a large selection of electronic cigarettes, atomizers, cartomizers, chargers, batteries and much more. Not only that, we also manufacture in-house on the spot liquids that are not old, with whatever nicotine strength desired by the customers.

Oasis Smoke Shop also provides top of the line technical support on any and all electronic cigarettes and related parts. That battery is not working? Well, come and let us take a look at it! With competitive pricing, you no longer have to drive 40 miles across town or go online to order your products. Visit your local provider and support our local economy while helping yourself get off the analog unhealthy cigarettes. Personally I am a proud to say I have been vaping for the last year and two months and as the owner/operator of Oasis Smoke Shop, I highly recommend the electronic cigarette any day over analogs. Oasis Smoke Shop is your destination for all of your electronic cigarettes parts, accessories, kits and eliquids. See you soon!