July Saturday, 2014 at 7:26 pm

We Now Deliver!


Oasis has been working to innovate some new methods to help keep your vaping experience that much better. We have come up with a new idea that will revolutionize how people get the gear and juice they need. You are now able to call in or go directly to our website by clicking the “Oasis Vape” link up top to direct you to our online store. From there you can place an order, and your order will be delivered to your home or business within 45 minutes of you completing your order. We will always call to confirm the order, and you must have a valid ID to make to a purchase.

You can order on line by visiting Oasisvape.com or by clicking the “Oasis Vape” link up top, or call us at 505-717-7464 today to make a phone order.

We will start our delivery service on August 1st 2014!