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Shisha Brands and Blends, Save your money!


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Today lets talk Shisha and Coals. If you are not aware of the recent hike up in Taxes on Tobacco prices then you are not a smoker and you should stay that way. However, Shisha smoking is not an addiction although it could result in a habitual use as some consider it to be; prices on Shisha are on the hike. So what can you do to avoid paying the higher prices? Well look at the brands you are purchasing is all I have to say.



First understand that this type of Tobacco does not take long before it gets old, and believe me when I say that quality packaging matters when purchasing shisha. So take the time and read my little review and see why sometimes if you are not a big smoker spending your money on cheaper packed product means more money in your pocket in the long run.


At Oasis Smoke Shops, we normally carry either Layalina or Starbuzz and more than likely we will carry both. Now Starbuzz makes quality “Exotic” blends such as Exotic Tropical Fruit and Exotic Flower Power etc. Starbuzz also utilizes a slightly more fancy and higher quality packaging in comparison to the original Layalina packaging. However, the price difference is there for that specific reason. You end up paying a whole lot more for the fact that it is a better blend and packaging.



Don’t let that scare you though, the taste is amazing in comparison too; and I almost always recommend Starbuzz over the original Layalina as it is much better for occasional smoking. Now Starbuzz comes in a 100 grams can and if you are not an avid smoker, the product could get dry over a short period of time and end up being a waste of money as the quality leaves as it gets older. So this is where Layalina comes in.


We are one of the few in town that still has the original 50gram Layalina boxes. Layalina has been around for quite some time and I highly recommend it for the habitual smoker as it will save you a ton of money. One 50gram box can last you a long time and above all you can purchase 2-3 boxes before coming close to the price of one 100gram can from Starbuzz. Also Layalina is the best if you are looking for the basic tasting blends such as Mint, Grape, Apple or Banana.


So my recommendation is to spend less purchasing the 50gram Layalina if you are either an avid smoker or if you don’t plan on spending a ton of money on an exotic blend. If you want a good blend Starbuzz is your best bang for the buck. However, if you plan on smoking a regular blend such as Grape or Apple, then go with Layalina and save yourself some cash.



To top it all off, I know for a fact that we are normally the cheapest on Starbuzz and Layalina, so take advantage of the pricing we offer and make sure you shop around to see the difference. Why would you want to waste your money spending so much at any other Smoke Shop when you can literally spend $3-$5 less with us on Starbuzz and at least $1-$2 less on Layalina. Come by Oasis Smoke Shop in Albuquerque at the location below and check us out. Our hookahs and Coals are also the cheapest in town. Looking forward to writing more about Shisha and Coal related reviews.




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