March Friday, 2011 at 5:11 am

The “Ins” and “Outs” Water Filtation Pipes *Part One*


So you’ve been trying to decide on your next piece and find your sell asking yourself “Should I get another pipe or something with water filtration?” which is more then likely flowed by the question”Do I really have a use for a big “beaker bottom” water pipe?” Well let us throw another option your way, ever consider going with a “Bubbler pipe”?


So whats is classified as a “Bubbler pipe” well simply put  its a small water pipe in which the bowl, stem, water chamber, and mouth piece are all integrated and come as one piece unlike like the “beaker bottom” or just plain water pipe which come all that comes in at least 3 pieces.

Now let us get down to the big questions. We’ll start with “Why are water pipes better?” Studies, among tobacco smokers who used water-pipes, as opposed to cigarettes, cigars, and regular pipes, show that water filtration can be effective in removing components from smoke that are known toxicants. The effectiveness of toxicant removal is related to the smoke’s water contact area.

Now that last answer might have a few of you scratching your head with more question. Well no worries we will do our best to answer question you had and may have after we answer one of your question, last thing we want is for you to leave with more question after reading this then you had before.  What is a (Toxicant) you might be asking well let us break it down for you sweet and simple; A Toxicant is a chemical compound that has an effect on organisms. Toxicants are typically introduced into the environment by human activity. Many toxicants are pesticides, or are unwanted by-products of some production process, or accidental spoils. With that cleared up lets continue with more on bubbler pipes.  This looks like a good time to dissect the parts of water pipes and to illustrate the differences in the more widely known “beaker bottom” and the “bubbler pipe.” We will start with the Beaker bottom style of water pipes. Most commonly these are at least 12″ in  height  and have a large water chamber that doubles as a sturdy base, but can also be straight with a flat base that is larger then the water chamber.

This variation of water pipes comes in 3 pieces, sometimes more, first and biggest of them all is the water chamber that sits at the bottom of the pipe and is affixed to the mouth piece. Then you have your removable pieces which on consist of at least a stem and a bowl. Along with the basics there are add on you can buy to customize it increase the smoke’s water contact area to improve the filtration.

Stay tuned for the second part when we really get into it!


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