March Monday, 2011 at 12:39 am

We are the Dealer

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Most of you guys have seen or have at the least heard of Biohazard water-pipes and other related products. They recently started putting out this new brand called Pure that is slightly fancier and almost always thicker in glass. If you have seen some of their pieces around town, well you know the price you are going to pay for a single, double or a tripe perqulated water pipe.


I did a little shopping a while back and realized that some of these sellers are up in flames when it comes to prices! Charging three to four times the original cost price and giving their buyers no room to negotiate. Well, we are here to change that. Aside from the fact that we are an authorized Biohazard reseller/dealer, we also know the value behind saving in such terrible economic crisis.


So we are announcing the lowest pricing on select Biohazard water pipes, Pure water pipes and many other related products. Why go to the competition when you can come and get from the one store that will never sell it to you for an outrageous price. We stand behind our product as well! We will never sell a defective piece and above all, we are the number one supporters of local blowers and we almost always carry some sort of local glass products.

So stop by one of our two locations, and check out our selection. We have a fairly large selection at the Menaul location, and if you are looking to get the best deal, get it while the sale is still going. We will give you the lowest possible price on the units and above all provide you with room to play. So come by and check us out today!




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